The heart (hjärta) knows what it wants… an e-bike ride!

The heart (hjärta) knows what it wants… an e-bike ride!

It’s BOGO time!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Buy one rental, and get the second rental for 50% off  all month long! And it’s ok if you don’t want to ride this month. Buy an E-BIKE RENTAL GIFT CARD for two rentals (one at full price and the 2nd at 50% off) and we’ll even throw in some Swedish Fish to sweeten the deal!

Kul Fact: Roads Were Built For BIKES!

Back in the day, paved roads were built for bicycles, not cars. While automobiles were able to go across cobblestones, bikes could not.

Some Kul Wheels tours DO ride over cobblestones. Our tours will start back up next month!

Tips For First Time Electric Bike Riders

Riding an E-Bike is an awesome experience… but if you haven’t done it before, here are a few things to consider.
Tip #1: SAFETY FIRST!  It’s second nature to put on your seatbelt when you get in your car. Make it a habit to always put on your helmet before you start riding your e-bike. (Kul Wheels is a Nutcase Dealer and with so many helmets to choose from, you can get a different one for everyday of the week! Stop on by to see our selection!)

Tip #2:  GET FAMILIAR WITH PEDAL ASSIST AND THROTTLE  It’s important you get familiar with how an e-bike works. First start out pedaling without using any assistance. Next try the throttle and then pedal with pedal assist level 1. Wow, look at you go!

Tip #3:  DON’T TURBO TURN  The assist you get on an e-bike can feel a bit like a turbo boost. To get used to how an e-bike turns, don’t pedal or throttle when entering a turn. Just steer and let the bike follow the bend of the turn. And when you are straight again, start pedaling and/or using the throttle to get back up to speed.

Tip #4:  EXPRESS YOURSELF  Yes you feel like a kid again, and yes you feel super-human when riding an E-bike. So be sure to squeal, hoot, laugh and shout out loud when you are riding!

Know someone who is interested in trying or buying an electric bike?
Kul Wheels offers FREE pre-booked test rides!

We have some SWEET e-bikes in stock (or we can order one for you!).
CLICK HERE for our current inventory!

Or give us a call at 804-205-3452 or send us an email at [email protected]!

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