Ride the Vine

Ride the Vine

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Intermediate – Advanced Level

The magic of Upper Shirley Vineyards awaits! A Kul Wheels Tour Guide will lead you to your experience of a grand estate, winery and restaurant and one of the most scenic bends on the James River. You determine your ride length.  Round-Trip begins and ends at Kul Wheels, with a stop at Upper Shirley of up to 1.5 hours to enjoy the venue.  Another option is to ride One-Way, beginning at Kul Wheels and ending at Upper Shirley.  Ebikes will be trailered back to Kul Wheels. Riders take as much time as they would like at Upper Shirley and arrange their own transportation from there.  A third option is to begin and end at Upper Shirley.  Kul Wheels will trailer the ebikes to Upper Shirley.  Riders will enjoy a two-hour ride on the Virginia Capitol Trail from Upper Shirley and back. Riders are then free to enjoy as much time as they would like at Upper Shirley.

Departure Time 10:30AM

Return Time 3:30PM-4:30PM (if riding both ways)

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